Bruce’s greatest gift was not his remarkable genetics, but rather his ability to make the most of those genetics when it counted.

Despite his prodigious physical ability, it was his training and racing instinct that ultimately set him apart.

By focusing all his training activities on one specific objective, he achieved a level of consistent running excellence that established him as the greatest ultra-marathon runner of all time.

Instinctively, he knew that he needed to teach his body how to run on the outer limits of his capabilities and do this…on demand.

He mastered the ability to SuperCruise and applied it with devastating effect.

Bruce did not simply train his body to run, he used his fitness to teach his brain, his Central Governor, to trust him with ever increasing levels of intensity and to release more oxygen to his working muscles.

By reducing excess oxygen reserves held back for his heart and brain, Bruce was able to SuperCruise while others floundered.

In a stroke of genius, he realised that too much speed or distance in training was destructive, he only needed to do enough to train his Central Governor to trust him to max out his body when he needed to most.

Finding your SuperCruise

With the right training anyone can not only access SuperCruise on demand, but also increase their SuperCruise speed and range.

FORDYCE Fusion will assist you to discover and optimise your SuperCruise over any distance.

As Bruce Fordyce states, “Racing should never be an ordeal, rather an enjoyable and life-enhancing experience.”


What is SuperCruise?

SuperCruise is a state of perfect human motion, at the absolute limit of an individual’s mental and physical capability; the optimal speed for their current conditioning over a specific distance and set of circumstances.

With SuperCruise, your Central Governor balances your need to run as fast as possible with the need to keep you alive.

It’s a fascinatingly complex and totally exhilarating experience.

What is the Central Governor?

Your Central Governor protects you from harm. If, for example, you tried to bash your head against a wall, your Central Governor would step in to prevent you doing something so mindless and if you did go ahead and try it, it would quickly take control of the situation and stop you from doing any further damage to yourself.

The faster you run, the greater the demands of your working muscles on your limited ability to breathe in and convert oxygen into energy. The brain and heart need oxygen to survive, so despite your best efforts to set a new Personal Best, your Central Governor prioritises supply to the brain and heart, preventing your working muscles from burning up all your available oxygen.

Training you Central Governor: it’s like flicking a switch.

If you walked into a pitch-dark room that you had never been in before, your Central Governor would stop you in your tracks as you tentatively tried to feel your way around. However, if over time you got to know the layout of the room (let’s say it’s your new bedroom), your Central Governor would learn that despite the hidden risks, you knew what you were doing and would allow you to move a bit faster each time.

Trying to run quickly with an untrained Central Governor will cause it to overreact by prematurely reducing oxygen supply to your working muscles and slowing you down long before there is any risk to your heart or lungs. Training your Central Governor to trust you at extreme levels of intensity is the key to running enjoyment.

You want to metaphorically flick on the light switch to show your Central Governor that you know exactly what you are doing.
Unfortunately, many runners continuously stumble around in the dark with an untrained and hyper-sensitive Central Governor and never get to enjoy the wonder and exhilaration of SuperCruise, the ultimate running experience.


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