We are born to run

The need to run is nestled deep within our humanness, urging us to explore and enjoy our extraordinary mental and physical powers.

Simple, yet infinitely complex

You were running before you could talk, yet long after you conquered language, running stubbornly refuses to be brought to heel.

Despite its apparent simplicity, running is enormously complex, posing a huge challenge to all who wish to master it.

You need some help here, and who better to turn to for guidance than Bruce Fordyce.

The Fordyce Way

Bruce is best known for winning the gruelling 90km Comrades Marathon 9 times, yet despite his prodigious physical ability, it was his remarkable training and racing instinct that set him apart.

Realising that simply training hard in the hope of success, was not the answer, he focused on developing a training process that would guarantee consistent excellence.

Bruce established FordyceFusion to make his knowledge, experience, and remarkable training process available to those who wish to make the most of their running lives.
Limited places are currently available for the following programmes.

Master the 5km, discover your true potential
Personalised guidance. The Fordyce Way.

Applications are encouraged from athletes of all abilities, from those starting out on their running journey to seasoned campaigners.


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CoreFIVE Programme

Master the 5km | Discover your true potential

“Focusing on and working hard to achieve low 14-minute times for 5kms made me a more composed and faster runner. It will do so for you too.”
— Bruce Fordyce

Highly recommended for all runners.

Learn The Fordyce Way...including the secrets of SuperCruise.

The 5km is the foundation of all long-distance running; mastering it is the key to unlocking your true running potential over all distances.

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Personalised 5km Training | The Fordyce Way

COMRADES programme

Personalised guidance | The Fordyce Way

“Some things we choose to do, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone…”
— John F Kennedy

When JFK announced the USA’s intention to put a man on the moon, he could just have well been announcing his intention to run the Comrades.

Few things in the sporting world are as tough as the Comrades Marathon, but with the correct preparation, it can become an absolute joy to partake in, and more importantly, complete.

Getting to the starting line in the best possible physical and mental condition is both an art and a science.

Realising that simply training hard in the hope of success was not the answer, Bruce focused on developing a training process that would consistently deliver the best possible performance in the most efficient way.

This training programme is called the Fordyce Way and it is now available to you.

Join us to make the most of your Comrades experience

Personalised COMRADES Training | The Fordyce Way


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