"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Bundled in a tracksuit against an icy highveld day and totally oblivious of the enormity of the moment, I tentatively took my first wobbly stride into the unknown.

That single step transformed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

Despite highlighting my lack of fitness, those first few laps ignited a dormant need deep in my DNA.

The idea that refused to go away had burst into my consciousness; the niggle had grown into a necessity. I had engaged a new companion for life…and were we in for some fun!

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

Beach, ‘berg, bush, smile, grimace, rivers, deserts, ice sheets, first, last, New York, London, Poffadder, Springbok, baobabs, palms, orchids, cosmos, khakibos, win, lose, Mandela, Windsor, Noakes, winding, straight, flat, steep, full moon, earth shadow, lions, bears, kangaroos, brain, body, sweltering, freezing, laugh, cry, green, brown, blue, grey, road, trail, track, mambas, cobras, boomslangs, sunrises, sunsets, crowds, wilderness, exhilaration, despair, pride, humility, fast, slow, yesterday, today, tomorrow…hundreds of everyday adventures.

Those first 1000 miles were gobbled up in less than a year and now more than 4 decades later I’m still out there every day discovering new places, meeting new people…loving it.

It is impossible to describe how much pleasure I have derived from sharing my love of running with so many people through Comrades, road races and parkrun, but despite this, I have been frustrated by my inability to reach out and provide the personal guidance so many have asked for to help them make the most of their efforts.

Through my books I have enjoyed sharing my running knowledge, ideas, and experiences, but have been acutely aware that each runner is unique and therefore requires guidance based on their personal goals, genetics, performance etc.

The “no-mans” land between general and specific personalised training advice needed to be addressed.

I’m therefore delighted to introduce you to FordyceFusion, which offers personal guidance for your running journey.

So, if you are considering taking that first step, or if you are an existing runner looking for a more fulfilling running experience, please click here for more.

Kind regards


Bruce Fordyce

Fulfilled | Fitter | Faster | Forever